New and Used Gypsum

Disposing of Used Gypsum

A special program has been created for residents to dispose of used gypsum (also known as drywall, gyproc, wallboard or plasterboard).

What is Used-Gypsum?

"Used-gypsum" is gypsum that has been previously installed. Gypsum installed before 1990 may be contaminated with asbestos in the tape and mud, and should not be disturbed or removed without protective equipment. 

Where to Buy Clear Used-Gypsum Program Bags

Special heavy-duty used-gypsum bags are required for this program. Many local hardware stores stock the clear used-gypsum program bags. Call 604-681-5600 or go to and search "used gypsum bag".


  1. Wear protective equipment and minimize dust generated.
  2. Carefully place in designated used gypsum bags.
  3. Do NOT overfill the bag – leave enough space to properly tie it.
  4. Wipe clean the outside of the bag with a wet paper towel, dispose of the paper towel in bag, tie bag goose-neck style (see instruction below), and seal with duct tape.
  5. Place the bag in a second used gypsum bag and repeat step #4.

Instructions for sealing/goose-neck closure on bags

  1. Twist the unused top portion of the bag into a tail. Seal the base of the tail with duct tape.
  2. Take the leftover twisted tail section of the bag and bend it around to make a loop. Attach it to the base of the tail using duct tape.

Only use this clear used gypsum program bag. Other bags (including yellow asbestos bags) do not meet Metro Vancouver requirements.

Used gypsum must be double-bagged.

Where to Drop Off Bags of Used Gypsum

Residents may drop off used gypsum removed from their homes at Metro Vancouver transfer stations or the Vancouver Landfill (see locations). Used gypsum from contractors and businesses is not accepted.

Disposal Fees and Accepted Quantities

  • $200 per tonne
  • Minimum fee: $15
  • Transaction fee: $5 per load (included in minimum fee)
  • Maximum 10 x 10 kg bags per visit, 5 visits per year
  • Restricted to residents only
  • Must be properly bagged as per instructions

Recycling New Gypsum

If you have new gypsum date-stamped 1990 or newer that has never been installed (no tape, paint or mud; sometimes called "cut offs"), bring it to any Metro Vancouver transfer station or the Vancouver Landfill for recycling. New gypsum does not need to be bagged.

Each load must be accompanied by a signed Declaration and Acknowledgement Form, available below in triplicate or at the transfer stations. Please ensure all three copies of the form are completed.  

  • Maple Ridge and Langley transfer stations form
  • North Shore, Coquitlam and Surrey transfer stations form
  • Vancouver Landfill form

Warning - Anyone attempting to separate mud or tape from used gypsum is at high risk of being exposed to asbestos.

Disposal Fees and Accepted Quantities

  • $150 per tonne
  • Minimum fee: $15
  • Transaction fee: $5 per load (included in minimum fee)
  • Maximum 500kg per load
  • Only NEW gypsum that has not been installed (no tape, paint or mud) will be accepted


  • Transfer Station Information



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