Watershed Field Trips

Registration will open on Monday, August 26th for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.

Exploring our Watershed

Grades 4 & 5

Come and experience a special place. Discover the treasures of the Seymour or Coquitlam Watershed. These are places where wildlife abounds, ancient trees tower above, and water moves through natural landscapes to our drinking water supply system. Hop on our bus, see the dam, and learn how water gets from the reservoir to your tap. Explore what makes watershed ecosystems important through fun, student-centred activities. Once you’ve experienced the magic, you’ll be reminded of your special day every time you turn on the tap!

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We’re proud to share this program and place

We believe that what students learn through this program will impact their lives, and the lives of others, today and for years to come. We think it’s important that students in the region know where their water comes from, understand the value of this resource, recognize their connection to it, develop a sense of pride and confidence in protected watersheds, and become champions for sustainability in our region.